Francis Boykett, Thomas's brother.

1813 (About): Born in London.

1831: Living in Paris. Thomas in a letter of that year mentions that he was across, but it was impossible to meet up. Francis was only about 18.

1837: Big financial crash. Out of 850 U.S. banks, 343 closed entirely and 62 failed partially. Timothy Wiggin & Co failed about then.

1839-40: Probably in Paris. Marries Emily BORDEN, born in Paris. But Borden was a village outside Sittingbourne, and there was a Borden family there. A chicken-or-the-egg situation. The name is Norman French. He entered into an English-style marriage settlement, mentioned in his Will. Not listed in the civil marriage register (began 1 July 1837.)

Abt 1840: First child, daughter Emily born in Paris. She did not marry.

Abt 1844: Son Francis born in Paris.

1846: Thomas admitted to the Bar.

Abt 1847: Daughter Frances Hebbert Boykett born in Paris.

Abt 1848: Takes Articles with Thomas in London.

1852/3 Frank goes into partnership with Augustus Wiggin, London partner of Timothy Wiggin & Co. Frank described as “formerly in the Paris house of Welles & Co.”

1854: Daughter Ellen born. Dies aged 4.

Abt 1856: Daughter Josephine born in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire.

1858: Visits Horatio Hunnewell of Massachussets, a partner in Welles & Co. Hunnewell is on Wikipedia.

1861 Sep 10. Wife Emily dies.

1864 Inaugural Chairman of Directors of the Asiatic Bank.

1864 Director of Union Marine Insurance Co Ltd (new float.) From the soc.genealogy.britain newsgroup:
"Union Marine Insurance Co Ltd became a subsidiary of Ocean Marine Insurance Co Ltd in 1864, and eventually became part of what is now Aviva:   see this link.
[The registered Office] 2 Old Broad Street is now a branch of Superdrug chemists, but there are numerous insurance company offices in the area."

1867 and 1868: He and daughter [Emily?] visit Horatio Hunnewell.

1871 Marries Katherine Streeton, aged abt 26. No children.

1882: Chairman of German Bank of London, Ltd.

1899 Sep 23: Dies at Folkestone, Kent.