Sale Hotel, designed by Charles Boykett, and still licensed.
Photo Credit: RACV Magazine May 2016.

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1853. A widower of 48, his two unmarried sisters, three sons, two of whom were married with sons, travelled from England to Adelaide in a ship only 50 metres long, braving storms and a mutiny, to start a new life in a land of opportunity. This is the story of that family.

Feature Articles

feature 1 Introductory The background of the Boyketts who came to Australia, and why they came.

feature 2 Marriages Thomas married twice in England. It was only recently that we found out about his second wife and their daughter.

feature 3 Church Rates; Legal Practice Not only a lawyer; a practising Nonconformist and political activist.

feature 4 Francis Boykett Thomas's brother Francis (born 1812, died 1899) appears to have been very prominent in banking and company directorships

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