descended from THOMAS HEBBERT BOYKETT, born 1806 in London,
died 1857 at Adelaide.


The World Wide Web Consortium publishes standards for Web pages and Web sites. They have a checker to tell you which sites comply with their standards.  This logo Valid HTML 4.01 Strict means that pages on this site have passed the test.

Different browsers follow the standards to a varying extent.  They are more interested in bells and whistles to attract end users than in the problems of Web designers, who have to make their pages look appealing on a variety of computers and browsers. Mozilla Firefox is one of the most compliant.  Microsoft would like you to have a complete Microsoft system, without any mixing and matching, so standards (and quality) haven't worried them too much.  Even the Australian Taxation Office was refusing to allow its taxpayers to use anything but IE, claiming it was for "security reasons."  This has landed Microsoft in trouble with the United States equivalent of the ACCC, and with the European Union.

Internet Explorer 8 is now available. One English review said that from a Web designer's perspective it isn't much of an advance on IE7, and in one important respect "IE remains nearly a decade behind the other browsers."

I don't feel like re-working my pages for such an outdated browser.  They work in IE 6 and 7, and in most non-IE browsers.